Add a little ‘Fun’ to your wedding


When it comes bringing fun to wedding receptions, DJNI are the masters of exactly this. We have a whole host of tasteful as well as silly games, quizzes and ideas to keep all ages amused. As a confident and experienced party host, I’ll have the whole room joining in with whatever activities you have planned.

  • A General Quiz about the wedding couple, included during the wedding breakfast with the answers before the speeches to “warm up the room” – or at the evening reception with the answers and winners announced at the end of the buffet
  • A “Guess the First Dance competition – an ice-breaker as additional guests arrive. Guests tell us what they think the dance will be and a lucky winner is chosen from the correct answers.
  • Devise a staged First Dance with a special entrance with a guard of honour, a special music mix or even a choreographed dance. Whatever you decide to do, we’ll make doubly sure the room is full of guests when it happens!
  • Mr & Mrs Gameshow – is always a winner! The bride and bridegroom sit back to back, remove their shoes and give one to the ‘other half’, they then use them in answering a string of questions about each other in secret. We usually ask about 20 fun questions such as “Who is the best driver?”. The game always gets plenty of laughs and the guests have a great photo opportunity.
  • Family Fortunes – Based on the popular game show, two sides battle it our for the top position. Always makes for a competitive challenge getting maximum participation every time.
  • We like to think of the music for your wedding reception as “the soundtrack” and this can include all kinds of tunes. Why not incorporate guest requests throughout the evening? I can collect requests alongside the RSVP, or using email / Facebook etc. ahead of the party. This way you’ll get a feel for what will be requested and you can veto anything you don’t want to hear. We can even fire some of the best received tracks into a specific DJNI Spotify playlist to bring back the memories again and again.
  • DJNI also carries a wide selection of inflatable instruments and props plus glow-sticks for the younger guests. For a real party atmosphere Chris can co-ordinate a few rounds of Limbo or organise a monster conga line!  All this is planned in advance – we only do what you like, no nasty surprises!
  • We can schedule a bouquet toss during the evening – or perhaps a garter toss? If you have younger guests we can include a “treats toss” just for them with sweets and goodies – a great photo opportunity – and setting them to music makes them much more memorable for all involved
  • “Words of Wisdom” cards are another great ice-breaker. Asking your family and friends to complete a card with their thoughts on what makes a great marriage, the best of which can be read out and then collected in a folder or frame to keep.
  • The “Time Capsule” is where we ask guests to write messages that we will seal away for you to open at a later date – usually your first anniversary!
  • How about a Photo Booth or an Event Photographer? We can liaise with your own photographer or recommend trustworthy providers. It’s quite common for new guests to arrive for the evening reception who will have missed out on the ‘official’ photos, so why not let us co-ordinate additional group and individual shots at an appropriate point during the evening?
  • Our Video Screen is a popular upgrade – We can display digital images which can be anything from photos you’ve provided in advance (growing up photos, courtship photos etc.), hen/stag pictures or even snaps from earlier in the day! Don’t waste money on disposable cameras – everyone has a digital camera or a mobile phone camera nowadays – why not get everyone to use those and have them all emailed to you?
  • Our screens are also useful for Video Footage of family or friends who couldn’t make the wedding but would like to send a message, or perhaps even pre-recorded footage of you telling your own love story? The possibilities are endless . . .
  • A Centrepiece Giveaway – if you have flowers, balloons or anything that will be left over at the end of the day (or even cleared away inbetween the meal and the party) we can give them away as prizes in a dance competition or just allocate them to people. By planning this in advance you can add something extra to the evening which might otherwise have been wasted.
  • The “After Party” – if yours has been a long wedding day, or if you have lots of guests who are travelling or with children, why not end the “formal” reception at, say, 10:30pm with a “last dance” and a big cheer or an archway, pop out and change, then come back for the “after party” where you can let your hair down for an hour or two with friends and colleagues?
  • A staged “Last Dance / Grand Exit”. If you want the end of the party to be as memorable as the first dance, then with a bit of planning we can arrange for you to be in a big circle of guests, or for you to exit via an archway of guests. Would you like to say a final “thank you” on the microphone? I will help you plan a grand exit and make sure it all happens in an orderly fashion!

We know that some of these ideas might not be right for you. They’re just that – ideas – tried and trusted ways to help make your wedding party fun for all and unique to you. We have LOTS more idea like these, and we’re also more than happy to stand back and just play a selection of tunes, if that’s what you want from your wedding DJ.

Every bride and groom’s wedding day is different, and we would be delighted to discuss your specific needs. Hopefully the above provides you with a summary of the extra value that DJNI can bring to YOUR wedding celebrations.